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Posted: March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

I decided to write a post on my experiences with the civil services exam just for the sake of writing without really collecting my thoughts. And it’s a big mistake. It is like keeping a mango shop in Thar desert, not well thought of!

1. The thing with most of the aspirants is that they talk more about the exam rather than study for it. It’s like two farmers sitting under a tree the whole year talking about growing crops and find at the end of the year, the land remains barren. Some go to the extent of blaming the circumstances ( Questions, coaching centers, god, neighbor, Indian cricket team performance etc. ) the same way a farmer blames the land, fertilizer, rainfall etc.

2. The art of notes-making: Consider this. A guy goes to a hypothetical party with hell lot of girls around. He talks with everyone one of them and they like him. The party ends and everyone goes home. He never considers taking the phone number of all girls he talked with. Relate it with you studying from a decent text book but you forget to make notes. The studying gets over and you won’t remember a thing nor it would really matter as you never could make notes for revision ( the number so that you can call them one by one and take them for overpriced coffee which equals the GDP of Zimbabwe).

3. Coaching :  To take it or not? Answer it yourself. Two guys wants to build six-pack abs, one of them is loaded and the other is of limited means. The rich guy goes to a gym  (the same money if used for any government programme can fund for schemes even like NREGA, yes they are that costly) gets a swanky trainer and all the accessories and he gets a six-pack. The other guy who couldn’t afford the gym goes about building the body using body weight exercises and running outside etc. He gets a six-pack. The bottom line is if you have enough money, go ahead and join coaching. If you are of limited means go ahead and start preparing for yourself. The end result depends on your effort.

4. Facebook : Facebook is like that hawala bank where you know he will run – off with your money to Nepal but still you end up depositing it because they collect your deposits from your house and everyone in your neighborhood does (ease of access, EVERYONE is on Facebook, even some pets of many people). Be smart, do not deposit. If you are pressurized because everyone else does it, do it in limited quantity so that it will not affect your finances.




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